Right Where You Are Sitting Now.

I can kind of remember when I first thought about making video games. It was a few years after I first thought about making comics. Around the time when computers were of the 386 variety with 2 megs of RAM. I bought a book along the lines of “Teach Yourself C in 21 Days” and was fascinated with the idea of programming. But then, at least, I had no clue how to continue.

In 2020, though, I feel like the only thing standing in my way is finding the mental energy to sit and focus. Everything a person needs to learn how to program and make games is a download or a Youtube video away. I’m building Adventur on a laptop you can get for less than $100 on Ebay.

But this isn’t really about making video games, it’s about finding a thing you want to do. Everything is out there now. Want to learn how to paint? Build an electric car? Raise chickens? Start a country?

Stay busy, my friends.