Doctor Robot Book

1. Summary

A book on how I created the game Doctor Robot, and how I should have done it.

2. Environment setup

A short chapter about setting up your computer to create your side-scrolling masterpiece.

2.1. Editor

You have to use a text editor, anything will work.

2.2. local web server

If you want to load level files, you'll need to run a webserver locally. If you're on a Mac or Linux machine, you're good to go.

3. Javascript and the HTML Canvas Element

3.1. Javascript

Javascript is cool, but there are also Typescript and Coffeescript dialects that might feel more comfortable.

function doSomeThing() {

3.2. Canvas

Canvas is an HTML element that we can draw stuff on. It looks like this:

<canvas id="game"></canvas>

4. Animation

4.1. timers

How to get the engine running

4.2. parallax

You know when the background moves slowly behind the player because it's far away? Yeah, that thing.

4.3. sprite sheets

4.4. particles

5. Collision Detection

5.1. entity vs. entity

5.2. entity vs. environment

6. User interfaces

6.1. making buttons

6.2. making screens

6.3. transition effects

7. Loading Levels

7.1. csv files

8. Appendix

8.1. Javascript Basics

8.2. Version control