The Adventur Engine

(updated 2023-08-23)

screenshot of the isometric engine in action, which is a bunch of walls, a few worker robots, and a random person

This is the documentation for a game-building environment. There are three main parts:

  • The engine that runs the game
  • The editor that creates the game files
  • The sprite generator scripts that create the game graphics

The Engine

Written in C using the SDL library.

The Editor (Adved)

screenshot of the adventur editor called adved, shows some random walls and NPCs.

Written in Python, uses Qt Designer to build the interface. Data is stored in json files read directly by the engine.

The Sprite Generator

screenshot of the output of the sprite generator, a bunch of images of a person from different angles and different states of walking.

A couple of Python scripts that run Blender to create spritesheets from 3d files. Metadata is stored in binary and read directly by the game engine.

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